Our expert team offers a full range of planning, programming and project management services across the water and wastewater industry, including water supply planning, water storage, and transmission, water quality management planning, water treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal. Our team is also experienced in storm water and watershed management, flood control, water quality monitoring, and environmental planning and permitting. Our staff has worked on dam and reservoir, tunneling and micro-tunneling projects which include earth and rockfill, concrete arch, conventional concrete gravity and roller compacted concrete gravity dams, as well as hybrid dams. Our team had provided planning, and project management services along with cost planning, scheduling, cost estimating, value engineering, LEED for all types of projects.

tesla water treatment plant

oceanside Water treatment plant

Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant

Sunol Yard Long Term Improvement Project


Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant 

SFO Mel Leong Treatment Plant

Southeast Treatment Plant Headworks Facility

Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant