Sunol Yard Improvement Project


Sunol, California
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Project Dates
2017 -2019
Project Cost
$32 Million 
Services Provided
Construction Management
Cost Estimating
Change Order Review
Time Impact Analysis

Project Description

Dabri, Inc. provided construction management services including cost estimating, change order review, Time Impact Analysis and scheduling services for this $32 Million project during the preconstruction and construction phase as part of integrated construction management team. The project involved the reconstruction of the SFPUC’s approximately 7.5 acre Sunol Corporation Yard located in Sunol, CA.  The Sunol Yard Improvements Project for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) consists of three components: 

– Sunol Yard Improvements 

– Watershed Center 

– Temple Road Improvements 

The Sunol Yard performs an important function for the SFPUC as it provides a central location for the maintenance of East Bay water lines and facilities. The yard is the base from which water department staff can manage, maintain and control all SFPUC east bay water department operations.