Calaveras Dam Replacement Project

Sunol, California
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Project Dates
August 2011 –  June 2019
Project Cost
$810 Million
Services Provided
Construction Management
Cost Estimating
Contract Cost Control
Forensic Analysis of TIA
Inspection Services 

Project Description


The Calaveras Dam Replacement Project consists of building a new zoned earth and rock fill dam immediately downstream of the existing dam. The replacement dam has a structural height of about 220-feet high and is designed to accommodate a maximum credible earthquake on the Calaveras Fault. The dam has a crest length of 1,210 feet, a base thickness of 1,180 feet, and crest thickness of 80 feet. The total volume of the dam is approximately 3.5 million cubic yards. The replacement dam will restore the original reservoir capacity of 96,850 acre-feet, or 31 billion gallons of water. The storage is crucial to providing adequate water to 2.7 million residents in the Bay Area.

Awarded:  Best Project award from CMAA, USDD, APWA & IPI Partnering