About US



Dabri, Inc. is a professional construction management and consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001. We provide project management, cost estimating, scheduling and general consulting services for public and private clients; specializing in a wide range of market sectors including transportation, infrastructure, water/wastewater, aviation, recreation, educational and healthcare facilities.

The principals of Dabri have worked together for many years. This long-term partnership creates a stable, collegial atmosphere that permeates every aspect of the business. Our employees have a history of longevity with the company which provides clients with a continuity of expertise and a strong commitment to quality, on-time performance. Our senior project managers and staff have the competence and knowledge to make key decisions on site, helping to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

Dabri, Inc. is certified as CBE, LBE, WBE, MBE, DBE, and SBE with various agencies.

  • Certified as LBE, WBE, MBE – City and County of San Francisco;
  • Certified as DBE and SMBE under California Unified (CALTRAN);
  • Certified as CBE, SBE, MBE and WBE – County of Los Angeles;
  • Certified as SBE from METRO, Los Angeles;
  • Certified as SBE from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California;
  • Certified as WMBE – Women Minority Business Enterprise Clearinghouse, Public Utilities Commission- State of California;
  • Certified as WBE/MBE – Contra Cost County, California;
  • Certified as LBE, SBE, VSBE – Port of Oakland, Oakland;
  • Certified as SLBE – Alameda County
  • Certified as Local and Very Small Local Business Enterprise ACTIA;
  • Certified as SBE – Port of Long Beach, Long Beach;
  • Certified as SBE – Department of General Services, State of California;
  • Certified as MBE – BART;

Giving Back to the Community 

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Community Benefit Program

Workforce Development – Youth Work Program 

We work with SFPUC to provide high school students with paid internship opportunities.The purpose of this program is to perform support to San Francisco young community to explore different prospection of engineering, project management, communications and the professional working environment.